Initial consultation

We arrange to meet you and discuss your new build or renovation. We will generally discuss:

  • Outcomes you want to achieve with your proposed project.
  • Where you are currently situated with project.
  • Building design, vision, dreams for your project.
  • Required commencement/completion dates.
  • What your expectations are of your builder.
  • Budget.
  • Quality specifications.
  • Past experience with building

If you do not have plans, we can assist you with the design process. We work with trusted Brisbane architects to create plans to make your visions reality.

General review and preliminary work agreement

If both parties are committed to continuing, we prefer our clients commit to a preliminary agreement. The agreement will specify your design requirements and the steps that we will take prior to the signing the contract. It is not a commitment to build with us.

The terms of the preliminary agreement are contingent on what stage you are at and whether we are engaging designers on your behalf. That being the case, we discuss an initial fee for concept plans, which will be deducted from the contract price at the deposit stage.

Production of initial concept design and secondary consultation

The next step is to prepare working drawings to produce a preliminary estimate. This stage gives you the opportunity to consider whether the proposed designs are actually within your financial expectations, prior to committing to formal plans and engineering plans.

If you already have engaged a designer, we still take the opportunity to provide a preliminary estimate. At this stage, changes can still be made to the design if there are any budget concerns.

Production of Architectural plans and engineered plans

Given that we have all done our homework, the final polished architectural plans can be produced and engineered plans obtained, with few surprises. This stage is exciting as you will see your visions take shape.

Detailed quotation and specifications documents

This is when we finalise the finer details. We provide you with a detailed quotation setting out exactly what you are getting. Inclusions and exclusions are clearly spelt out and a final contract price is given.

The more information you provide us with at this stage, in terms of selections the better for accuracy of contract price.

Contract documentation and certification

We meet and sign on the dotted line, both parties committing to proceed with the builder/client relationship. The obligations of both parties are set out clearly in the written contract and we discuss with you your expectations.

A building certifier is engaged. The building certifier will independently check and approve our building work during the course of the build to ensure it complies with safety, health and sustainability standards specified by the local council, legislation and building codes.

Shortly thereafter, we will deliver an invoice for the deposit, QBCC insurance and Qleave levy required for certification. We also have insurance to cover your property during construction, however we also suggest that you notify your home insurer that work is about to commence.

Construction begins

Once we have received building approval from the Certifier we provide a start date within 2 weeks of approval being granted.

We recommend our clients consider their specific selections of colours and finishes as soon as possible. We will arrange meetings for you with our suppliers.

Progress claims and updates

During the course of the build we will deliver progress claims based on the stages specified in the contract documentation.

We will continue to provide you with updates as to when these stages will be completed and progress generally. We arrange regular site meetings.

For your safety and the safety of others, we request that clients contact us to arrange inspections if they wish to view the works before completion. As you can imagine building sites are busy and activities can be dangerous to those not familiar with construction practices. Your safety is our priority.

Practical Completion and the finished product.

As the build nears completion, we will give you notice of when we expect the build to be finished. How long the construction takes depends on the nature of the work performed and is fully set out in the contract documentation. If you have a deadline in mind we will work with you to meet it.

Prior to completion, we deliver a claim for practical completion. A final site meeting is scheduled to walk you through the whole build as we proudly show off what our team has achieved for you.