There is nothing quite like a Brisbane summer. The longer days filled with sunshine are the envy of so many people around the world. Though it isn’t just the summer months that we can be thankful for, unlike so many other cities we are lucky to bath in warm sunshine for the majority of the year. With this beautiful climate as the backdrop to our city, having access to a pool is a must when the heat rolls in, and if you are renovating why not include one?

Imagine swimming with the kids after school on a hot day or having a dip after dinner on a warm night… There are a lot of things that will tempt you to put in a pool, so when you finally give into this temptation here are four things to consider before you start to dig!


If you are about to start a build or renovation, you should consider whether you do want to include a pool in these plans before your property turns into a construction site. Deciding to add in a pool once the house is finished can often make it harder to build. Building in a pool uses a lot of machinery, it isn’t just a matter of digging a hole and filling it with water. For example, ensuring you have site access down the side of your house and provisions for electricity to the proposed pool area are some pretty big factors to consider when you begin to plan your pool.


While a pool may seem like it can be an expensive extra to add on to your already costly renovation, it is important to remember that something like this adds significant value to both your home and lifestyle! Pools are perfect for our hot Queensland conditions so you will quickly reap the benefits of having a pool at home but also when it comes to selling your house many people will jump at the opportunity to buy it knowing that there is a pool for them to use come summer time.

3.Working with a small space

One thing people don’t realise when considering a pool is that the size of your backyard does not necessarily matter. These days, pools are designed with a lot of care and consideration and you can easily end up with a masterpiece that complements your home and garden perfectly rather than an enormous eye-sore that takes over your whole outdoor area.

4.Consulting a design and construct builder

At Redchip, we pride ourselves on considering both the interior and exterior of a home, planning, designing and creating outdoor and pool areas that match your renovation impeccably. Contact us today and together we will help you to create a custom pool that you can be proud of.